The Archive of the German women’s movement (AddF) is a not only an archive, but a research facility as well, doing research of its own and inspiring research in the field of 19th and 20th century gender studies. This is based on the insight, that the AddF can only be part of the research discourse while being an active part of this discourse itself.


Dr. Kerstin Wolff


We have agreed upon a cooperation treaty with the University of Kassel that includes collaboration in case of scientific wrongdoing. There is a specifically close contact to the reseachers of the former Center for Gender Studies.

The AddF maintains frequent exchange and cooperations with different research circles and institutions on a local, regional and international basis. It cooperates with gender studies-scholars and with university women’s research centers alike. There are close ties to the Federation for Research in Women’s History (Arbeitskreis historische Frauen- und Geschlechterforschung (AKHFG) e.V.).

This cooperation integrates the AddF into the academic discussions about women- and gender issues on the one hand and the developement of universities and sponsoring institutions on the other hand. Research at the AddF covers third-party funds, the edition of an academic journal on our account (Ariadne) and the edition of books and professional contributions of our staff.

You can read about our ongoing research and our concluded projects (only available in German).

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