The Foundation Archive of the German Women's Movement collects documents concerning women's movements and women's history from the period between 1800 and the late 1960s. In certain fields (women's associations and women's groups in Kassel) the documentations extend to the present day. All stages and forms of organized women's movements are of particular interest. In addition to the original sources the history of reception is documented as well until today.

Through library-oriented and archival analysis these sources are made accessible for academic study and research. Thus the foundation contributes to the heritage of women's action and their impact in history.

In 2008 the Archive of the German Women's Movement was awarded the Hessian Archive Prize. According to the jury "the Archive of the German Women's Movement is a paradigm for an archival institution grown from the smallest voluntary beginnings to a highly professional level."

In addition, the archival holdings of the Foundation Archive of the German Women's Movement were appraised as valuable cultural assets. In April 2011 they were eventually registered on the "List of Valuable National Archives" of the organization "Kulturgutschutz Deutschland".


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