Within the Archive of the German Women's Movement the holdings are grouped as following:

remains of women (43) list (only available in german)
stocks of documents of associations and groups (27) list (only available in german)
archival collections (159 persons, 54 public bodies and 24 topics) list (only available in german)
photo archive (3.000 images) read more (only available in german)
press clippings (approx. 250 files regarding persons, public bodies and topics) - not yet made accessible
special collection "Autonome Kasseler FrauenLesbenbewegung 1974 bis heute" ("Autonomous Women's/Lesbian's Movement in Kassel 1974 until today") read more (only available in german)

A large section of the holdings is already electronically recorded and accessible via database (in German).

Contact persons

Silke Mehrwald - Library
Barbara Günther - Archives